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We sell sex dolls for people with a unique sexuality. We sell loli and shota sex dolls. We sell from brands such as Zelex, AXB, Dollhouse 168 and many more. We also have many custom-made dolls available for sale that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a huge community which means we are not only reliable, but you can also see how happy our customers are with our products and how our services & products make a positive difference for people who have to deal with sexual orientation discrimination.

We have a new website for people interested in acquiring a custom-made doll:

Please read this before entering our webshop

We have received negative attention from mainly feminists who were appalled because there were products available for sale (via our webshop) with pictures of child-like dolls with sexual function. As long as this type of doll is legal in the country or state where this customer is residing then we aren’t doing anything illegal by selling these dolls. However, we don’t want to offend people, so we will now ask you to acknowledge what you are about to view before you decide to view our catalog.

If you read the articles in our blog then you will find out that we want to prevent child abuse by also offering certain therapeutic dolls to people that feel attracted to minors. The only reason we do this is because we know that it prevents child-abuse. There are close-minded people who write bad articles and say that such dolls only make pedophiles want to actually hurt minors, but both studies (mostly conducted in Japan) and experience (we dealt with a lot customers that told us how the dolls helped them control their urges) tell us that this is simply not true and these dolls are really a safe, constructive alternative. If there were actual valid studies that prove that these dolls make men want to hurt actual children then we wouldn’t be selling them. Until now there are only studies that proof that these dolls help control unhealthy urges, there is not a single study that has proven that they feed addictions or create stronger unhealthy urges.

The only people yelling that it’s bad are people who have absolute 0 experience with these dolls and who are coming from a place of hatred (which blinds them and gives them tunnel vision). The irony is that these feminists are probably using sex toys themselves (which is really all it is), but do you see us saying that sex toys for females make them want to rape actual men? It’s not just women that can be sexually independent. Men can be as well and there is nothing wrong with using a sex toy to relief yourself and to control your urges or to fulfill your sexual fantasies. The only thing I can agree with is that pictures of child-like sex dolls can be offensive and give people the wrong idea. Therefore, please do not enter our webshop unless you are interested in ordering a loli sex doll and are truly interested in viewing such products.

Thank you for your understanding.