Beware of Chinese Scammers!

There are many Chinese scammers on the internet that lure people by selling sex dolls from famous brands such as AXB, Catdoll, Irontech for extremely low prices. The concept (and I have seen this over and over again) is always that they are a manufacturer and that they can sell sex dolls for a very low price. These kind of scammers often claim that these beautiful dolls are from their own brand. It’s hard to resist buying if you know nothing about all the different brands and the actual costs. These scammers do not get into trouble by scamming people from Europe or America because it’s actually not against the law in China to scam people from other countries. They don’t have to face legal consequences if they rip you off. That’s why it’s always better to buy from a reseller from either the US or Europe with a good reputation. With Doll Orphanage you can be sure that you will get what you paid for :). We also offer the best prices in the loli doll market.

In this post I am going to make an example of SexDollMarts a Chinese vendor who I believe is 100% a scammer.

Some people might see this post as trying to sabotage another vendor, but I can assure you that I did proper research before coming up with these accusations and I have met plenty of Chinese scammers on the internet (you could say I’m experienced when it comes to recognizing a scammer). This vendor is also on ATF (ATF, where you can find me as an official vendor, is a forum with 100,000+ users) but, they are not a serious competitor, they made 0 sales on that forum, they have 0 reviews. I literally don’t gain anything by exposing/accusing them because they weren’t generating sales on ATF to begin with. They have been on ATF over a year and claim to be the biggest loli doll vendor & manufacturer.

The vendor I’m referring to (SexDollMarts) has been on ATF for a long time trying to sell dolls for unrealistic low prices and pretending to be a manufacturer.

The dolls on his website that are sold under the brand SEXDO belong to brands like AXB and Irontech (I am a reseller for these brands, I recognize all the dolls). I can assure you that all pictures on their website are pictures from other brands such as WM dolls, AXB and Irontech. I will give you an example.

This is actually Lucie from AXB, all the pictures and the doll belong to AXB, but they are pretending that this is a doll from their own brand SEXDO. They are selling this doll for $455 including shipping. This is far below the reseller price (including shipping) and about 50% cheaper than the official retail price. In other words, it’s impossible to sell an AXB doll for this price without losing money. They wouldn’t make profit, they would even lose money!

They are selling the dolls for prices far below the factory prices which means it’s highly likely either a scam or cheap, low quality, counterfeit dolls.

Today I was even on the phone with AXB and showed them products from the sexdollmarts website with pictures that clearly belong to AXB. AXB confirmed that they could never sell the doll for such a low price to a reseller. They also never heard of SEXDO. They claim to be the largest seller and yet famous brands never heard of them? I also googled them and they only seem to be affiliated with very shady porn websites and some unknown & unpopular wordpress & review websites who were clearly paid to write some bogus, low quality review for a small fee. They are also on trustpilot, but have 0 reviews. 


They also have fake reviews on their website. I know for sure that their reviews are fake. Not even Catdoll or old vendors like me have 19 or more reviews per product. Out of 100 people that purchase a doll, maybe 10 or less might leave a review. Some of their products even have 78 reviews. Very unrealistic and unlikely.

This vendor is calling every other vendor on ATF greedy and keeps repeating how many customers they have and how amazing and well-known they are, yet nobody here every purchased anything from them or left a review. They are fabricating lies and trying to discredit every other vendor on ATF (not just me) by claiming that these dolls can be sold for ridiculous low prices. That’s the approach almost every Chinese scammer uses to manipulate people.

This vendor even calls people that want to buy from other vendors on the forum, stupid (check out their topic and you will see what I mean). I think there are about a 1000 red flags that indicate that these people are criminals looking to rip people off. I don’t want anybody here to get scammed, so I decided to create a blog post about this. I am 100% sure that Sexdollmarts is not a real manufacturer or even a reseller after having talked to both AXB and irontech.

I created this post as a warning. If people want to buy from shady Chinese websites such as SexDollMarts, it’s at your own risk, big chance that you will lose your money or end up with a counterfeit doll.

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