My plans

I have very big plans for the company and community that I created. I want to share them here to give people an idea of what my goals and intentions are.

Own factory

My biggest goal and wish is to open my own factory (probably in Eastern Europe). I will explain why.

I have been doing this work for 2 years. Let’s face it, we mostly depend on Chinese factories to make the dolls that we want. This comes with several problems. I don’t say this to discriminate (I have absolutely nothing against Chinese people) these are simply facts and my own experiences.

1. Chinese holidays. In China they completely stop working during the holidays. This rule is imposed by the Chinese government. This means they don’t even outsource their work, they just completely stop working and communicating for up to 3 weeks (depending on the holiday). This has caused me numerous problems. It’s manageable for now, but as my online stores grows and becomes bigger, this will simply become unacceptable. Not everybody is ok with waiting 3 extra weeks to receive their order especially not if they have to pay $1000+ for it and that’s why I often lose a lot of sales during the Chinese holidays. It’s ridiculous that a company can’t outsource their work during the holidays and that other companies will lose a lot of profit because of it. For customers it’s a major inconvenience as well because they just want to receive their order without having to deal with weeks of delay.

2. High shipping costs. Shipping from China to US and Europe has become very expensive. Especially via air (up to 600 dollars for a 30 kg doll via special line). This makes the products too expensive. I have seen the shipping costs increase a lot the past year. Maybe covid-19 has something has something to do with it, but it has become too costly. My plan would be to ship dolls to warehouses in Europe and US and to always keep enough in stock. Chinese factories do have dolls in stock in the US, but usually only adult dolls (not loli).

3. Communication. Most Chinese people don’t speak English fluently and this means miscommunication occurs too often. These mistakes can be corrected, but it usually mean loss of profit and major inconvenience for the customer. I have blamed for a lot of silly mistakes by my customers (such as only 1 wig in the box instead of two wigs) when it’s in fact the factory that is suppose to make sure that everything is included. I literally just copy/paste the instructions from the customer to the factory, it’s impossible for me to make a mistake unless the customer himself forgot to include all his wishes. With that said, English speaking staff in the factory is a must so that there is no room for mistakes.

4. Competition. I am not going to name any names, but I have been blackmailed by some Chinese vendors who just can’t stand that I have more success than them. They also tried to ruin my reputation by spreading lies or by trying to sell cheap replicas and marketing them as dolls from the most well-known, original brands. They would manipulate people by claiming that they are able to sell the same product for a much cheaper price (when in truth they are just selling cheap replicas and trying to sabotage other vendors by lying about the price). All this because they are greedy.
With my own factory, I would sell my own products and decide who can be a reseller and then these kind of problems wouldn’t be able to occur to begin with.

5. Safety. I already made a name for myself, loyal customers know that they can trust me and that I am always dedicated to making sure that they don’t have to worry about anything. Right now there are options such as having fake boobs attached, shipping the head separately and so on, but things can be even safer. With my own factory, I would open a company that sells reborn dolls and they would be marketed and sold as dolls with pee and poop function and as it so happens, those holes just happen to be penetrable ;-). I would also make sure that they can be shipped in parts. This would make the chance of a doll being seized and being destroyed at customs next to none because everything about the product would scream that it’s simply a very realistic mannequin or reborn doll.

These extra safety precautions do not exist yet and I highly doubt that Chinese factories are willing to go the extra mile. It’s not going to happen. They also don’t know much about the every changing laws in US and Europe. That why a innovative factory such as the one I plan to open must exist, it’s for everybody’s safety and that why I do hope to get enough support.

6. Customer service. In my opinion, customer service is everything. I am very grateful for the many positive testimonials on the forums, but it’s just been me and my assistant and I plan to come up with a much bigger team that can really make sure that every customer is happy and satisfied. I also want to do more giveaways and maybe offer payments for fan-made content (to encourage the community to grow).

7. Next level. I want to take it to the next level. Obviously robots are the next level. And I want to start development as soon as possible. This will be a huge focus of the factory as well. Virtual reality is also something that I am very interested in.

Community & Movement

Pedophiles have always been under attack. Doesn’t matter if you never hurt an actual child or if you never will, there will still be people who are extremely judgmental and hateful who will try to attack you (verbally or physically).

Obviously the loli dolls are meant as a constructive replacement and many customers have reported that they are excellent for satisfying their needs. I am sure that robots will bring even more satisfaction, but the development of this can never happen unless we unite and stand strong together.

If the selling of loli dolls actually lowers the chance of real children being molested then why are there laws being created that prevent you from owning one? It’s absolute madness. And we can’t find a way around this madness & hatred unless we choose to come together, support each other and find solutions.

That’s why it’s absolutely my intention to create a movement and community that protects, serves and unifies. It’s one of the reasons why I created Roshi Paradise, but that’s just the beginning. This movement can become big and help a lot of people if only people understand the importance of such a movement. Pedophiles have been suppressed and misunderstood for too long. Things need to change! Let’s make that chance happen together.

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