Tired of being misunderstood

Both this site and me personally has been under attack lately.

Somehow, because I sell Loli dolls, people assume that I’m a pedophile (I’m not) and that I have wrong intentions. These (ignorant) people couldn’t be more wrong.

I created this shop to prevent the abuse of real children. To offer an constructive alternative to people who feel attracted to minors. I been doing this for years. I know that these dolls are an excellent alternative and that they really do offer not just physical pleasure, but emotional benefits as well to people who struggle with their unique sexual preferences.

I believe in what I’m doing because I seen how much it helps people. We should not judge and condemn people who have unique sexual preferences. Obviously hurting real children is not an option, so what’s wrong with offering a solution that satisfies such cravings? Apparently there is a huge lack of sympathy and understanding in this world when it comes to pedophiles. Just because somebody feels attracted to minors, does not mean that he will actually try to be intimate with a minor because most adults do understand that this would create trauma. It’s wrong to hurt others. It’s even more wrong to hurt an innocent child.

Your sexual preferences do not make you a good or bad person. Your actions make you a good or bad person! If somebody is sexually attracted to children, but vows (and keeps his vow) to never, ever touch a child, but instead resorts to using loli dolls and/or 3D porn to satisfy his sexual cravings then what’s the problem? That’s right! Nobody is harmed as long as only fictional characters are used to fulfill sexual fantasies and needs. In this case, the pedophile never harmed a child and he never will because he understands completely that it would emotionally damage another person. That makes him a decent person, not a bad one!

I will give another example. What if you are male and straight, but you resort to raping women. That makes you a bad person right? But you would be labeled as good if you are male, straight and if you vow to never rape a woman. Yet, in this crazy world there are people who will still label a pedophile as bad even if he has no intention whatsoever to ever rape a child. That has to change! We can’t determine what our sexual preferences are. That’s something you are born with. Hating pedophiles that don’t hurt anybody is just as bad as hurting lesbians or gay people. It’s discrimination.

And this discrimination is happening everywhere in the world. Countries are banning loli dolls. They don’t know what they are doing. They refuse to conduct any kind of research that would make clear that these dolls prevent the abuse of real children. Mean while internet criminals are trying to bomb sites such as ATF that also offer an alternative for real CP.

Real CP is wrong and that’s why there should be alternatives such as 3D renders that prevent people from producing more CP (because it will lower the demand). Why do countries not understand the importance of freedom and offering alternatives and solutions to all groups of people including pedophiles? It’s discrimination and it’s allowed to exist because people follow blind leaders who put these laws into place. No research has been conducted by these people. They just think it’s disgusting and that’s the only reason why they create these laws, but they have zero empathy and understanding of how it affect others.

I know what some people think. People think if you have sex with a loli doll or if you watch 3D loli renders, then that will make you want to rape real children.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? So if a male, straight man has sex with an adult sex doll or if he looks at 3D pictures of an adult male having sex with a female, he will want to rape real women? Are you kidding me? It doesn’t work that way! And it doesn’t work that way for people who are attracted to minors either! You know how it works and how it has always worked? It completely depends on the person! Making love to a piece of rubber will not make you want to rape another human being. Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 will not make you want to shoot people in real life. Not unless you don’t have a conscience and are emotionally unstable.

So if a person has severe mental issues then, but only then, he will want to hurt another person. A frigging doll or 3D erotic art is not even going to trigger such a person. Such a person would already be unstable and would resort to watching real CP. Watching real CP can highly likely motivate an emotionally unstable person to want to try it with a real child, but 3D images, just plain fantasy, fictional characters, no way.

My personal experience is that watching real porn (I am not a pedophile, I just watch adult porn), can create or trigger sex addiction. And from that addiction you could do things that you would later regret. With who and/or to what extent depends on how strong your conscience is and on what kind of person you are.

I never, ever had these kind of experiences with watching 3D porn because I am perfectly aware that I am watching fictional characters. It doesn’t trigger negative emotions for that very reason (it’s not real, nobody is actually being used or abused). Same thing with sex dolls, it does not trigger or create sex addiction. Sex addiction comes from sources that actually feed it such as porn, prostitution and meaningless hook-ups.

I often say that you become what you do. Your actions are what will define you as a person and shape you in a positive or negative way. Every pedophile can choose to not hurt children and can choose to use alternative, constructive replacements that hurt nobody.

If people want to condemn and judge me for offering those constructive, alternative replacements, then that just simply means that those people have a lot to learn about this subject. If you are not willing to do your own research first about my products and about why I’m doing this, If you don’t know what you are talking about (which clearly these people don’t because they completely fail to see how deep and positive my intentions are) then just leave me alone and perhaps focus on yourself? Nobody is perfect. We are all growing and learning in our own way. Judging others too harshly will not make your life any better, trust me. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. It will make the world a better place.

Hatred will only make the world a worse place. It will also make your own life worse. It’s like poison. I hope you understand that before it’s too late.


  1. December 17, 2021 at 9:51 pm


    Amazing and I dare “touching” explanation indeed. I don’t know why but to me the spirit of your activities was pretty clear since I entered this site. But you know, especially nowadays most of people is ready to misunderstand (or rather mystify) just by the surface, suddendly and hysterically turning everything into a silly drama… maybe because they believe it is the easiest way to burn off frustration after all. We live in a mad world, full of liers and emviers, in which “ox says cuckold to donkey”. So please try to ignore them, and keep doing a good job for your sincere supporters like me. I bought my first doll a couple of days ago and I look forward to fully enjoy it, jizzing in and out toasting with all my semen to LIFE. Thank you and friendly greetings from Italy.

    1. December 18, 2021 at 10:29 am


      Thank you :). I appreciate the support a lot. Yes, I saw your order, it’s being produced and I hope you will be very happy with your doll :). Is the feminist article a big deal in Italy or did you just happen to come across it?


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