Feminist destroys reputation of an innocent man


This article is actually mostly about how hatred can blind people and make them do horrible things to other people.

This feminist recently attacked my site by heavily criticizing what I’m doing and ironically enough dragged the wrong name through the mud. I was recently contacted by this person (who became a victim of the pure hatred coming from this so called feminist).

According to her research he created this site and she even mentions his full name and address. Not only is she wrong about where these sites are hosted, but she is also completely wrong about where I’m actually from and who I am. She mentions that he linked to his website on Facebook. If his website sold loli sex doll then why the hell would he link to it on Facebook where all his friends and family can see it? That doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention that anybody can use pictures from other people and use somebody else his or her name on Facebook. Nevertheless, apparently for this woman it was enough “proof” to target Bram Joosten who is a designer living in The Netherlands.

The truth is, he has nothing to do with what I’m selling via my shop. I will not reveal if I bought a baby mold from him or not, but these molds can easily be purchased from various sources and can be modified. Artists should not become the victim of these kind of hateful attacks especially not if they don’t where their designs (or in this case molds) are used for.

In this case they portray him as a pedophile. They reveal his name and where he lives (even link to his instagram and linkedin) and they have no idea if he is actually the person behind these sites or not. He is not a sex offender and he doesn’t have a criminal record (you can easily look this up). They have zero proof, there are many contradictions and yet they accuse an innocent man and destroy his reputation. What an incredibly stupid thing to do. These feminists are so full of hatred, that they don’t even care about who they are bringing down, as long as they can just express their extreme views and destroy the lives of men.

I want to apologize to Bram that he became a victim of this terrible hate crime. His site is somewhat similar to dolll-orphanage.com, but they are clearly not the same and he is clearly advertising custom-made designs for reborn dolls. No where on his site does he advertise sex dolls or loli dolls. I was also known as SDH for a very long time before changing my shop name to Loli Orphanage or Doll Orphanage, so this woman is just not capable of looking up the facts and was just trying to look for a victim that she can cyber bully.

Her Name is Anna Slatz. I looked at her articles and all she does is burn people to the ground. The woman has absolutely zero empathy and her main objective seems to be just judge and destroy the reputation of other people when she clearly has her own issues. I will repeat. She linked not only to his youtube, but also to his Instagram, while having absolutely no proof whatsoever. A woman like this is not a feminist at all, it’s just a woman full of hatred who will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of others.


She is also wrong about the fact that it’s illegal to sell these dolls in Europe. It’s still legal in most countries. It’s currently only illegal in Germany, UK, Australia and some states in the US (Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee). Most of my customers are based in the US and I do not ship to states or countries where these dolls are considered illegal. My job is 100% legal. Most importantly, I do this work to prevent child abuse and because I actually have the ability to sympathize with people. I don’t discriminate, judge and condemn people. Please ask yourself what’s worse. Trying to help people a group of people that really need it or spread hatred and lies online (like Anna is doing). It’s not me who should be receiving so much backlash, it’s Anna for what she did to the reputation of an innocent man.



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