4W is all about hatred and nothing else

Recently, 4W wrote a very negative article about this site. They made perfectly clear that they are incapable of showing any kind of empathy, positivity or understanding unless people share their extremist views about life and sexuality.

They seem to mostly target trans people, but now they decided to target ATF and other communities that just want to offer an alternative to people who feel attracted to minors, but who don’t want to (and never will) hurt real children. 3D pictures and dolls are the only alternative these people have to satisfy their needs without hurting real children.

I also wish to add that many adult people have sexual fantasies that might be considered perverse to the public. Just because you have a sexual fantasy, doesn’t mean you actually want to do it for real, but maybe you want to explore and satisfy your sexuality by playing out that fantasy in a constructive way (for instance with sex dolls or virtual reality). There is nothing wrong with that. For example. If you are a hetero sexual man, but want to know what it’s like to have sex with a man (and you don’t want to actually sleep with a real man) then buying a male sex doll (or trans doll), would be an excellent way to fulfill that fantasy and to discover your sexuality more deeply without doing something you might regret.

Now keep that example in mind and let’s apply the logic of 4W. According to them, sleeping with a sex doll will make you want to rape and hurt a real person. So in their mind, if you buy that male sex doll to to fulfill your fantasy or to explore your sexuality, it will make you want to have sex with a real man. Sounds ridiculous right? You bought a male sex doll because you don’t want to sleep with a real man to begin with and how exactly is a sex toy going to make you want to change your morals, sexuality and principles? It doesn’t work that way.

4W lies in their article about multiple things (such as the legality of these dolls, they are still legal in most countries), but also about the fact that some Australian research facility has proven that these dolls might make you want to have sex with actual children. Such research was never conducted. It’s actually real CP that can put such thoughts in your mind and create such an addiction, but both research and experience have proven that both 3D pictures and loli sex dolls do not feed such an destructive addiction. The opposite is true. They are the only alternatives that can prevent a pedophile from becoming addicted to CP.

I can back this up with years of experience. I have been dealing with many customers over the years that can confirm that these dolls have been therapeutic and keep them from wanting to have sex with real children.

If all I am doing with this site is preventing child abuse and helping a group of people that are always viewed as bad by society then what am I doing wrong? I truly believe that we should not be judged by our sexual preferences, but by what we do. If a pedophile vows not to hurt a child and doesn’t hurt anybody by using healthy alternatives (such as a doll) then why should such a person be treated like crap? And how do I deserve all this negativity coming from these heartless feminists if I am just here to support these people? I don’t think they are even feminists because feminists are about fighting for equality. I don’t believe feminism is about spreading hatred and lies. They discriminate. They hate. They lie. That’s all they are about.

I highly urge people to take their articles with a grain of salt. I think their site is just a way for them to express their deep hatred. They feel better about themselves by writing about trans people who are already in jail and feeling miserable and they make it a little bit worse by talking about them in the worst way possible and by exposing their details and pictures.  They only focus on the negative, they have nothing good to say about people unless they meet their impossible standards. There is nothing good about kicking a person who is already down.

I never seen a more cold, heartless feminist organization in my life.

How this 4W website gets any kind of financial support is beyond me. I guess there are plenty of hateful people in the world who want to destroy the lives of others or who enjoy the misery of other people because it makes them feel better about themselves. It’s sad. Really sad.

I personally don’t believe in holding a grudge, but this sad feminist website really rubbed me the wrong way. They really don’t care what kind of effect the article had on the life of the person they targeted and his family. Everything in their article is just pure speculation, there is no actual evidence. So what gives them the right to expose somebody if they don’t even have proof that this person is doing something wrong? And what is their to expose? That this website is about helping pedophiles lead a constructive life style? We are not even doing anything illegal. Yet they feel they had to “report” their poorly conducted research to some child abuse authority.

I know there are good people who out there who will understand the importance of our mission and how much it is needed. And I really hope you decide to support us, so that at least something good came out of all this bad publicity.

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