Current progress on silicone vampire doll

Alright guys, so I am very excited about the silicone vampire doll that is currently being created.

Shalltear from the anime serie Overlord.

I just received a picture of the clay head (couple days ago). This is basically the first stage. After the clay head has been approved then a mold will be created and after that the silicone head can be produced.

Clay head of the vampire doll

Please note that the clay version has no details yet and obviously no vampire teeth either. It was reviewed by the customer and it seems that he also wants a realistic version (so there will be two heads ANIME and Realistic). I think it’s indeed a beautiful ANIME head, but I’m sure a realistic version is also going to look great.

Update 3.22.2021

Head is finished.

Realistic version will kinda look like this.

The body of the vampire doll has already been created and has been approved by the customer. It’s a detailed, 148 cm, silicone body. You can view the video on the forum:

Isn’t she cute?

I personally think the ANIME version looks awesome and I hope to see the realistic version come alive in the near future as well.

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