We can make the doll of your dreams!

Nothing is better than being able to vividly enjoy a fantasy or dream that has been in your head for a long time. Imagine able to touch and hug your favorite character! It can be a character from a book, movie or even a person that you have a crush on.  Now you can have your favorite eye-candy right inside your living room! The best kind of art is having a perfect copy of something that is inside your heart.

Whatever or whoever it is, we can make a perfect replica by using pictures as reference. We don’t judge or discriminate. Anything goes. 

How it works

First we create a 3D model (or we use the one that you gave us). Then we create a mold (sculpture made of clay). After you approved the  sculpture then we can fabricate your doll. That’s how we created the doll version of Lilo (From Lilo & Stitch). And this is just one example. We made babies, vampires, Sarah (from The Last of Us). And the list goes on and on. 


Please note that we will send updates and pictures for approval. We will never ship a doll or move to the next stage unless you are satisfied. Please contact us if you are interested.