How many men fantasize about young girls?

They say about 1% of the world is estimated to have pedophilia. I personally think that number is much, much higher. Especially if we count how many men actually wonder and fantasize about what it’s like to be with a young (underage) girl.

That’s why it’s so important to do proper research and have constructive alternatives available such as 3D porn and sex dolls that can also satisfy the needs of such men (men who feel attracted to minors). If there are no alternatives available then they will only become more sexually frustrated and they will try to be with an actual underage girl. I know that especially close-minded feminists like to say that such alternatives will only make them want the real thing even more. Well, these kind of feminists just have tunnel vision because that’s like saying that everybody who plays shooting games on the computer will want to shoot people in real life. Only people with severe mental issues or psychopaths will want to actually do that and those people can easily be triggered to begin with. It’s the same thing with loli sex dolls and 3D porn, it will not make people with a conscience and who are mentally healthy want to hurt actual children, it’s just a way for them to express their unique sexuality in a safe and constructive way. Only when we can’t express our sexuality and when our sexuality is completely suppressed can we become a ticking time bomb. So what these kind of feminists and politicians (who are banning 3D loli porn and sex dolls) are doing is actually increasing child abuse by trying to completely destroy healthy alternatives and solutions. Let me portray what they are actually doing. I will give an example that helps you understand that what they are doing is wrong.

Imagine that you are a good person who loves hamburgers, but you have high cholesterol and eating hamburgers is bad for you. You found a healthy alternative (vegan hamburger) that makes it so that you are not harming your health and no animals are being harmed because these hamburgers consists of plant based ingredients. Now imagine that a group of people tries to ban vegan hamburgers because they somehow don’t understand veganism (even though veganism helps prevent the torture of animals). Let’s say they succeeded in having vegan products banned in your country. Now you are unable to eat a healthy alternative, but you still love burgers and find yourself craving for them. At a certain point you are going to cave and you will go back to eating normal hamburgers if you can’t find a healthy replacement.

Now some people might not like this example, but it does prove my point. The fact is that studies have been conducted in Japan that have shown that by providing people access to loli sex dolls, real child abuse was effectively reduced. So feminists and politicians who want these loli sex dolls and 3D porn banned, can say all they want, but there is not a single study out there that proves that men who satisfy themselves with loli sex dolls will have a higher urge to want to do something to children. No, the facts tell us that their urge to do something to real children is actually reduced because their sexual needs are already satisfied in a healthy, constructive way.

The Dangers Of Tunnel Vision

Are there sociopaths out there that do horrible things to children and that happen to also be in possession of a loli sex doll? Perhaps, but not every pedophile is a sociopath. That’s what I mean with tunnel vision. Most pedophiles use the loli sex dolls and 3D porn as an alternative and are content with that. Society only wants to look at sociopaths that also happen to be a pedophile and then generalize an entire group of people (pedophiles) and condemn every single one of them. That’s tunnel vision! It’s close-minded and dangerous as well because a lot of innocent people can get hurt by this way of thinking. If we allow these politicians and hateful feminists to get their way, not only will innocent pedophiles (who never hurt a child and never want to hurt a child) become a victim (if it were up to them every single pedophile would spend the rest of his or her life in prison being treated like an animal even if they did nothing wrong), I can assure you that child abuse will also increase! Hatred and tunnel vision is never the answer. I think Hitler is a good example of what that kind of behavior leads to. Here is a reddit post that shows how stubborn these feminists can be (although feminist is more of a label they are hiding behind because real feminists would never spread hatred):

Let me quote one of the comments from that reddit post (all comments are basically similar to this one):

The problem with this human sewage is that they feel no shame or accountability, so yes, we do need to shame them and find ways (aside from imprisonment, which only happens in a tiny minority of cases) to make them feel the consequences of being shunned and rejected by society, not to validate their sick desires and send them deeper into their perverse rabbit warren.
All other work, like exploration of their emotions and coping strategies is already available via various services.

Here is another comment from that same reddit post:

This is literally a slippery slope.
It starts with men having sexual thoughts about children they see in the media and in real life.
Then, men will masturbate to the thought of fucking children.
Then, they start to masturbate to pedophilic images and videos.
Then, they buy a child sex doll and fuck it.
Then, they start thinking that they need to just try the real thing once.
And then they go out and rape and murder a child.
These people will not do any good for our society. May they rot in prison.

I think these comments posted by one of the many hateful feminists on that reddit, make pretty clear that they generalize an entire group of people and assume that every single pedophile is a sociopath. 99% of pedophiles do not commit crimes or hurt children and don’t want to, but these people, that clearly can only come from a place of hatred and who clearly suffer from tunnel vision, are so blinded that they cannot see past their hatred, they cannot see the truth. They assume every pedophile is evil and must rot in prison or die. That’s sexual orientation discrimination to say the least!

A comment coming from compassion and reason would look like this:

“Well no, it’s actually a positive thing- instead of shaming pedophiles for their urges that they cannot choose or control, this is a ‘safe’ way to explore healthier ways of living out their fantasies because no actual children will be harmed!”

Ironically enough they make fun of this comment and say it would be a typical comment coming from Redditors. Just the fact that these people ridicule the voice of reason and compassion tells you everything that you need to know. In other words, they are unreasonable and they lack compassion. Let’s hope that these kind of hateful individuals will never get any kind of power in society otherwise we will have another Hitler on our hands. This time it won’t be Jews that will be killed and imprisoned on a massive scale, no, it will be every single pedophile (innocent or not) in the world. That means that these individuals are interested in killing and imprisoning perhaps at least 5-10% of the world population. That’s why I like to call these people feminazis. Is killing and imprisoning an entire group of people that have a different sexuality a good solution? No! It’s no different than what Hitler and his evil henchmen did. These people are evil and should not be given any kind of power. I repeat! Hatred and tunnel vision is never the answer and can be very dangerous! In all honesty, I think such reddit groups or websites like should be arrested or fined for promoting hatred and violence against a certain group of people. It’s discrimination and this should not be encouraged.

I wish more people would take this seriously and have a good look at what is happening here. People are allowed to have opinions, but encouraging each other to lock up or kill an entire group of people of which the majority is innocent of any wrongdoing, that’s wrong. How is this any different than condemning gay people or lesbians? If a gay person or a lesbian hurts another person, ok fine, then we can choose to punish them, but only then. Should be the same for pedophiles. If a pedophile does not harm a child and doesn’t want to, then he or she should not be punished simply for having a unique sexuality. And yet, what’s going on right now is that feminazis is an actual thing and it’s growing in popularity. The more power we give to this group of people, the more dangerous they will become and they will 100% start to hurt innocent people. Nobody wants their children to get hurt or become a victim, I get that, but that doesn’t give you the right to want to kill or imprison about 5-10% of the world population. That’s just sick and wrong.

Now to give you an idea of how common pedophilia is (certainly much more than you think) and why people need to be educated about how to deal with it..

I want to share some shocking Instagram posts that I found (pictures are shared below the conclusion of my post). These are pictures shared by a 12/13 year old on her Instagram. I don’t know her exact age, but she is clearly underage and yet all the comments on her posts (hundreds of comments) are from men who want her number, asking her if she is single, telling her they have a crush on her and who tell her that she is sexy, pretty/beautiful. These men are clearly fantasizing about being with her romantically/sexually. Is it wrong? Yes, it’s wrong to try to seduce/charm an underage girl when you are an adult. How the parents of these girls can allow her to be exposed like that to sexual predators on the internet is beyond me. It’s also beyond me why this girl allows all these comments (she could choose to delete them), not only that, she likes most of the comments including the perverted ones telling her how sexy she is. This is a recipe for a disaster. This girl is certainly in danger of becoming a victim. What’s even more terrifying is that not a single adult on Instagram is calling out the men that are trying to charm/seduce her despite the fact that she is an underage girl.

What these people really should be doing with their sexuality is just fantasizing about it and expressing their sexuality without the intention of actually doing harm to a real girl. They can do that by just looking at 3D porn pictures or buying a sex doll and using that as an outlet instead. As long as they do not get access to such alternatives, you can see the result below (look at the pictures I shared in this post), they will try to get access to the real thing. This very young (underage girl) receives hundreds of comments on her profile pictures from many sexual predators. And there is not even 1 comment from a person trying to be the voice of reason by saying that they should leave the girl alone. Not only that, the girl clearly likes the attention and even encourages them to make such comments by liking their comments. What does this mean? That the girl is too young, too inexperienced and too naïve to see what’s really going on. So really these kind of men need to be educated and given an alternative. We clearly can’t expect children to be able to educate them. Killing and imprisoning these kind of men on a massive scale is clearly not the answer. Education, alternatives and solutions is the answer. I trust that any person who has common knowledge and compassion can understand that this is the only way to deal with this problem.


Loli sex dolls and 3D porn are not a problem, they are an alternative, they are a solution. Studies have even shown that. Quit listening to close-minded people who come from a place of hatred and please listen to the voice of reason instead. I know what I’m talking about because I have been selling these dolls for years and I know that it truly prevents child abuse. So do you want to listen to hateful people who have 0 experience when it comes to these dolls? Or do you want to listen to somebody with actual experience and who is able to have compassion and understanding for people with a unique sexuality? It’s up to you, but if you listen to feminazis and actually take them seriously then I think you have a lot of growing & learning to do. We are all one, we are all children from God and everybody has a purpose and is here for a reason. If you want to play God and think that a certain group of people needs to be finished off or imprisoned then you are no better than Hitler and his henchmen.