This service is for people who are retired or who earn their money online and that want to start a new life. It’s for people who permanently want to move to a place where they are safe, protected and where they can get everything they ever dreamed of. It’s a paradise.

Please note that this service does not include prostitution or helping you hook up with minors. I will not do anything that is against the law. A dating service is included (I can help you find a nice girl). You can just tell me your wishes and I will help you. I will send girls to your Whatsapp that are ready to date you and I will give you advice. Finding girls here is not hard since white privilege is still a thing here. I understand it if you prefer petite girls and it doesn’t matter if you want to date a girl that looks like a minor, as long as she is not an actual minor and 18 years or older, then it’s legal and really not a problem. 

Other services include helping you import your pets. Helping you stay year-round in Africa. Helping you find the house or apartment of your dreams. And basically being a guide that explains how you can create and have your own paradise in Africa.

You might wonder why Africa? Because white privilege is a thing here. People see and treat you as a God. Living here is much more affordable than in USA or Europe. A security guard that keeps you and your property safe 24/7 does not have to cost more than a few hundred dollars per month.

You will have access to the same basic amenities and luxury that you are used to. In fact, you can live very large here and the costs will be much, much lower. A villa with 5 bedrooms near the beach with your own swimming pool for $1000 per month, it’s possible.

When you live here, you don’t need to fear importing things such as loli sex dolls (although please don’t try to do this without my help) since it’s very easy to bribe people here. I can make sure that there won’t be any problems with customs.

Total cost of this package is $5000 although the price can vary depending on what you need.

This includes:

– Importing of loli sex dolls, pets etc.
– Finding perfect house or apartment for a good price
– Finding perfect partner
– Able to stay year-round (help with immigration)
– Guidance and assistance
– Guaranteed safety and protection
– Be part of a community of like-minded people (get unlimited access to the African Paradise forum)


After I helped you settle, I will always be available as a guide, consultant and protector for an entire year. I will make sure that you are always safe and content. The total cost is $5000 dollar per year. You don’t have to renew the service and you can cancel at any time.

I think this service is much needed for MAPs especially if you live in fear because of enormous amount of hatred people have against pedophiles (in the US especially). In your new life you don’t have to fear anymore and you can just enjoy life. Welcome to your very own African Paradise :).

As the African Paradise community grows, there will be gatherings, meetings and even club houses. So you will never have to feel alone or unsafe.

Link to service: https://roshiparadise.com/index.php?dbtech-ecommerce/african-paradise.15/