Silicone baby sex doll project RESUMED

Before you read about the silicone baby sex doll project, let me first introduce you to our TPE baby sex doll. It comes in various colors.

Black version of our TPE baby
White version
The original and first, Tan TPE baby sex doll. Click here if you want to buy it.

So a few months ago we released the first properly detailed TPE baby sex doll. There are currently no other detailed baby sex dolls available in the market, so the project was a success. I’m not saying I’m selling tons of these, but I’m selling more TPE babies than expected so far.

The customer who ordered the custom-made baby (he paid for the sculpture and mold) was so excited and happy about the end result, that he was considering paying for a completely new silicone version.

Of course it would have to be made from scratch because silicone dolls require a different mold. The costs would have been very high, but this customer was able to afford it (he just wasn’t sure yet).

Silicone baby with great detail

Eventually I proposed to make a baby as detailed as the picture above. Yes, it’s totally possible to have this much detail if the material is silicone, but I am sad to announce that after the customer promised to wire the money about 2 weeks later, he eventually changed his mind and cancelled the order.

I was very excited about this project and was looking forward to the end result. For now the project will be put on hold until somebody else is willing to invest in it.

UPDATE: Project was resumed in April. Silicone baby will be finished end of May.

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      • zzmark says:

        I wish you would post a range of videos that show that:( I guess some of us have doubts but they do look very good, especially in a diaper. Also, when you say you produce ‘vaginas’ for any doll, can you show some examples of that and what kind of doll would be suitable for this conversion?

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