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Right now we have three different custom-made products.

  1. Sarah (Game character from The Last Of Us). TPE doll. Sculpture and mold are finished. Product should be finished in about 2 weeks.
  2. Toddler doll. (Doll that looks like an infant). Sculpture and mold are finished. There will be a TPE version and a silicone version with realistic skin and implanted hair. Update 23/10/2020. TPE version is finished.
  3. Fuck sleeve. Now you can turn any barbie or BDJ doll into a sex doll. Just equip the sleeve. The mold is finished, but will take few more weeks to finish this product. You will receive the sleeve with a BDJ doll of your choice.

For now you can pre-order these products for a nice price. Prices will go up when they are finished.

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