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Roshi Paradise offers safety, solutions and freedom of expression to people with a unique sexuality. The danger of today’s society is that people with a unique sexuality (especially pedophiles) are increasingly becoming targets of hate. You can call this sexual orientation discrimination, but it goes even further than that. There are laws being put in place (especially in the US) that make it impossible to feel safe and accepted as a pedophile (even when you are innocent). You can easily become a victim of violence if people find out what your sexual orientation is (even if you didn’t do anything wrong). There are feminazis groups such as and that encourage people to conemn, imprison and kill people that are attracted to minors. It doesn’t matter if you never actually harmed a minor or if you never intent to do that, just being attracted to minors is reason enough for those hateful people to want to do terrible things to you. We don’t get to choose what kind of sexual urges we have, all we can do is control them. And when we choose to control them by using alternatives such as sex dolls or 3D art, then we are still attacked and they even try to ban those alternatives. If it were up to politicians and feminists then every single pedophile is locked away or killed. That is not exaggeration, today’s society is extremely harsh towards pedophiles. This is not only unreasonable, it’s dangerous. It simply means that every single pedophile becomes a victim of unfair treatment. What’s going on now s no different than how Jews were being treated by the Nazis. The Nazis thought that every Jew was evil and so they wanted all of them gone. This very same thing is now happening, but to pedophiles. If you don’t believe me then just read some of the articles that I wrote and you will see that I’m right. We need to take action, we need to unite. We need to fight injustice. That’s why we need all the support we can get to get this movement going.

The truth is that only pedophiles that have mental issues, or that don’t have a conscience would consider hurting and abusing children. They are sociapaths and they need help and therapy. The majority of pedophiles don’t actually hurt or abuse children. Society seems to forget that the majority of pedophiles understand that there are lines that they can’t cross. A child can’t possibly give consent to have sex because they don’t know anything about it. Their brains are not yet fully developed. Therefore, having sex with a child is automatically considered rape. It doesn’t even matter what your sexual preference is, if you are a sociopath then you are going to end up hurting people either way. We should be restricting and condeming people based on their actions, not by their sexuality.

Most pedophiles prefer to use healthy, constructive alternatives such as 3D porn and sex dolls. By taking those alternatives away, all that does is make pedophiles more sexuality frustrated. That way you are creating ticking time bombs because even good people can succumb to temptation if they are deprived of their basic needs.

Some articles:

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    How many men fantasize about young girls?

  2. replace textNegative articles about Doll Orphanage


We had a lot more articles, but our website was reported to an anti-child abuse organisation by and this organisation contacted our webhost provider and forced them to take our server down. It’s ironic because we are actually trying to prevent child abuse, but you can clearly see how much these people suffer from tunnel vision, they don’t bother to do research they just want to take anything down that is somehow associated to pedophiles. So even if we are trying to prevent child abuse, just because we are offering alternatives to pedophiles, we are also condemned by most people simply because of lack of understanding & compassion and tunnel vision.

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