Toddler Loli doll (available heads)

Hey there, can’t wait to hug you!

So the TPE toddler we released has several head options, not just the two that you see in the webshop.

I wanna share 3 different heads in this post that can actually be used for the Loli toddler doll that we are selling.


The Nina head is an option, she is actually also suitable for the 128 and 107 cm irontech body. Nina has an adorable head.


Cindy is a very popular doll. She is cute as a button. Her head is quite small which makes it very suitable for the 90 cm toddler loli body.


This loli head doesn’t look as young in my opinion, but still pre-teen and very cute.

Please note these pictures are heads on the 107 cm irontech body. Our loli toddler body looks like this:

Cute bum.

You can order our loli toddler here:

And here:

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