Negative Articles about Doll Orphanage

Link to latest negative article:

It seems that feminists can’t stop writing about Doll Orphanage. They wrote yet another article claiming that we are creating child abuse materials that might lead to actual rape of children.

Our mission is the opposite. Our mission is to prevent child abuse and to offer compassion and alternatives to a group of people (pedophiles) that are condemned by society.

My Message

My message is that it’s okay to have a unique sexuality as long as you do not hurt others. So as long as you do not harm children, but instead use sex dolls or 3D porn as an outlet for your sexual fantasies, then no harm is done to anybody.

Who writes these kind of articles

I think these articles are clearly written by a close-minded person. I am automatically a pedophile just because I want to help pedophiles who want to lead a life that doesn’t include hurting actual children? How does that make any sense? And sharing my full name and where I live. Ever consider that your actions allows haters (who don’t understand that I’m trying to help people) to not just attack the person you are writing about, but also their family? And who says that it’s actually me who will be a target because of your articles? Their argument also is because my website is linked to a defunct fitness Linked profile, it must be that person that created this website? Maybe because this company is defunct, maybe that’s why they sold it to me to begin with allowing me to operate under their name since I clearly want to remain anonymous? Ever consider that? No of course not. You just want a target that you can destroy (innocent or not) because what this is really about is your hatred for people who don’t share the same opinion or sexuality as you. You don’t give a shit about the actual facts or that innocent people might get hurt because of your articles.

The writer also forgets that only people with a limited conscience or severe mental issues are the ones that are truly interested in harming others.There are also psychopaths who harm adult women, who harm animals and so on. Why can’t we just condemn people who actually hurt other people? Why does a pedophile that has no intention of hurting anybody has to be punished or condemned by society just because his sexuality is different? I think only people with too much hatred in their heart are interested in that. They just want to find a scapegoat for their own issues. So why not condemn and generalize an entire group of people? Call every single pedophile, even the ones that do good and have no intention of hurting children, EVIL and disgusting? How is that not close-minded?

Honestly, I think these kind of articles just spread hatred even towards innocent people who are not guilty of harming others. That’s why I can’t say that these people are actual feminists. Because feminism is not about spreading hatred. I think some women just hide behind the feminist label which gives them the excuse to harm others. They harm not by violence, but by words that have severe consequences. Words that harm and condemn innocent people. That’s why I to ask people who read about Doll Orphanage in their articles to first listen to our side of the story. We are not interested in child abuse or harming children. We are interested in preventing child abuse. Anybody on our forum that says that they are interested in child porn or having sex with real children, they are instantly banned. And we clearly advocate dating only 18+ girls in the dating service that is being promoted via African Paradise. We also mention that we absolutely do not offer prostitution services or hook-up services that include minors. So why exactly do we deserve hatred and being reported to European Authorities? Sounds pretty foolish to hate on somebody and report somebody that is actually trying to prevent child abuse. With that said, please take any article written by Reduxx with a grain of salt. They do more harm than good. What we are doing on the other hand has been proven to be effective against child abuse.



This info was shared with me by people who wanted to show support and who really did their research. These are facts that can be looked up.

Here are some of the findings:

A disgusting time period in Denmark/Netherlands between 1969-1979 they legalized CP of ages 2 to 10. Obviously this was horrible, but according to Sociologists, it made both countries have a massive drop in illegal sex acts against children, in fact, even the lowest amount of child sex crimes ever. Ironically even Germany (who has now banned loli dolls) legalized CP, selling Danish material from 1969-1979 with the only promise that it cannot be publicly displayed, they had a drop as well. Japan continues to have a dropping child sex crime rate according to due to Lolicon images and increased sales of loli sex dolls.

In fact, In Japan, 3 sex doll rental sites were also created so that they can fight against the “enjoy-kusai” (prostitution run by the Japanese mafia that mostly captured minors). When seeing its positive results, the loli dolls were also placed in the rentals of the sex doll brothels.
With this it was shown that although some people or groups (feminists) were opposed to this, the perversion and abuse in the “enjoy-kusai” was drastically reduced.

As stated, these dolls are obviously more ‘real’ than photos or videos, so they are the best healthy alternative for people who feel attracted to minors. People need to face the facts, even those who struggle with bestiality thoughts take out their urges on special toys. These hurt nobody, there’s only evidence that these dolls/lolicon DECREASE illegal sex acts rather than encourage them.

With that said, the fact that certain countries and certain US states are banning lolicon images and loli sex dolls is just plain stupid because it clearly increases illegal sex acts against children. They really don’t know what they are doing. They just hate pedophiles and that’s why they created these laws, but they are not willing to look at the facts.

People need to stop judging and condemning others. Only God has the right to judge and he judges us by our actions, not by our thoughts or sexual preferences. There is nothing wrong with masturbation or fantasizing about certain sexual acts and that’s really all we are doing when we choose to “play” with a (lolicon) sex doll (which in essence is just a sex toy that helps bring more sexual satisfaction by making the sexual experience more vivid). No real people are getting hurt. And that’s what’s more important.

That’s why I 100% believe in what I do. Research proves that these dolls lower child abuse and my own experience with my customers tells me the same. All my clients have confirmed that the dolls offer satisfaction both physically and emotionally. They have no need to harm real children.